CU-PIE  - Credit Union Partners In Education
CU-PIE offers a variety of free train-the-trainer sessions to credit union professionals to help them better teach financial literacy to adults and youth in our community.
Each spring, CU-PIE also hosts a speech competition among credit union professionals to emphasize to our industry peers our responsibility and privilege to promote financial literacy. 
CUPIE Speech Contest!
The CU-PIE Speech Contest will be held April 16, 2015.  Click here for more details.
Financial Literacy Counts!
What is financial literacy?
Financial literacy is the ability to understand the consequences of personal money-management decisions, and to recognize opportunities to improve personal financial well-being. A well-rounded education includes knowledge of spending, saving, sharing, and investing resources to achieve personal success and to contribute to the success of the community.
Why is financial literacy important?
Once empowered with education, people can make sound decisions to prepare for their financial futures. They have an opportunity to accrue true wealth, which includes the freedom to have jobs they are passionate about, the financial ability to support causes they care about, and the security and peace of mind to see themselves comfortably into retirement.
Your local credit unions are not only committed to the financial well-being of their members, but also the well-being of their greater community. We’ve found that one of the best ways to help Californians reach their goals is to encourage fiscal literacy. And the earlier education is introduced, the earlier people can attain financial independence.
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